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What is it?  Magnetic Paint is a water-based emulsion paint which contains very fine iron powder. What colour is Magnetic Paint? Magnetic Paint is dark grey in colour, due to the iron powder. Does Magnetic Paint come in any other colours? No, Magnetic Paint only comes in grey due to the iron powder. This also gives magnetic paint a slightly rough finish once applied. However you can paint over it with any emulsion colour of your choice. This creates a smoother finish and allows you to blend the magnetic paint surface into your existing décor. Can I tint magnetic paint? Adding another colour to the paint would dilute its magnetic receptivity and it would not work. How should magnetic paint be applied? With a regular roller or brush. We recommend three coats and multiple coats will increase the magnetic receptivity. Can I apply a primer first? If you feel it is necessary to use a primer then magnetic paint will apply easily over it. What sizes are available and how much does it cover? MagPaint Magnet Paint covers approximately 2 square metres with 1 litre of Magnet Paint with three coats. So if you want to cover 5 square metres of wall you need a 2.5 litre tin to give it three coats . How does Magnetic Paint work? The iron powder in the paint creates a surface to which you can apply magnets, allowing you to turn virtually any wall in your home, school or office into an instant magnetic display area. However this is an iron powder and is not as magnetically receptive as a plain steel surface. Does Magnetic Paint work with all kinds of magnets? No, magnets that are too weak or too heavy will not stick. Lightweight or large surface area magnets are ideal for this surface. So it is great for displaying your magnet letters, fridge magnets or magnetic games but not suited to holding stacks of notes or memos. Is Magnetic Paint safe to use in my home? Yes, magnetic paint is non-toxic and water-based. It does not contain lead and conforms to environmental VOC regulations. Will Magnetic Paint interfere with my computer? No, Magnetic Paint itself is not a magnet. It has metallic, i.e. magnetic, properties that create a surface to which you can apply magnets. It is safe to use in your home, school or office and will not effect your computer, TV, video or any other magnet-sensitive equipment.

AVAILABLE IN    0.5 Litre, 1.0 Litre, 2.5 Litre and 5.0 Litre tins

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